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Arta recently opened a beautiful flower shop in the heart of London - ARTA'S FLOWERS.

Jessica was commissioned to create an illustration for Arta's website launch as she starts to sell online. The illustration was also sent to London for Arta to hang in her shop among her favourite wild flowers. 

Arta's review: 'Jessica - I cannot tell you enough how much I love this illustration of me, my shop and the beautiful flowers. I have shared this already with close friends and family and they were all amazed and stated "Wow, I love it". 

I love your style and the great details you have gone into. I love all the lovely colours. It's one of my favourite illustrations. I cant wait to hang this up in my shop, which is located in Camden passage (London street filled with antique, vintage and contemporary shops, outdoor markets, cafes, restaurants, bars and lots of artists) and for everyone to see it.' 


For your brand, book, magazine or website, contact Jessica to start discussing ideas for your desired Illustration.


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