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Window Display

Jessica created the window display for Scotland Shop's Spring/Summer 2020 window.  Scotland Shop is a Scottish company located in the heart of Edinburg specialising in tartan tailored clothing and interiors. 

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Since I moved back to Scotland in August last year, I have been painting and sketching the remarkable sites and buildings of Edinburgh. I was delighted to illustrate some of Edinburgh’s best iconic views for Scotland Shop’s Spring/Summer window display.

Inspired by my passion for set design and theatre, I aimed to create a space with my illustrations that invites the public into their world of tartan.

Firstly, I created sketches from each location, changing perspective and composition until I was happy with it. Next, I applied watercolour, which is my favourite medium, and ink on some small-scale paintings to see what the drawings would look like together. Once I was sure of my idea, I painted each scene on big sheets of watercolour paper, ready to be scanned in afterwards for printing onto the large boards.

Many of Scotland Shop's customers travel from across the world to visit Edinburgh. Some on a mission to discover their family ancestors and some to learn of Scotland's past for the first time. Travel forms stories and in a city so rich with history, there is a story to tell at every corner, so I have chosen to paint some of my favourite locations:


You couldn’t not paint the castle. I’ve always loved Scottish history and that’s why I love Edinburgh. This military monument expresses its bravery. To walk past it is such a pleasure each time and I always think to myself, what a funny idea to look at that rock many years ago and think ‘yes let’s build a castle on top of that dormant volcano’.


Since I was little, this structure, this Gothic rocket ready to take off, has always intrigued me and fuelled my imagination. I love the spikes and spires and the darkness of it in contrast to its surrounding gardens. In springtime it makes the grass look even greener because of its blackness but the spring flowers put colours into it, therefore I have painted it with blues and ochres borrowed from the spring sun and daffodils.


Different to the rest of Edinburgh, Dean Village is like a city break only ten minutes from Princes Street. Its path brings you past old houses, under a huge bridge, round vast stone structures and quiet benches that look onto the stream that runs through it. The first time I revisited it I couldn’t believe the greenery. It made me look forward to the spring season, I knew I had to draw it as one of my pieces.


I chose Bobby because he embodies friendship. Edinburgh is often referred to as being a very friendly place to visit and Bobbies famous tale of devotion is one that is retold repeatedly to remind us that this is an important characteristic of our city. Make sure to give his nose a little rub when you see him next, people say it brings you good luck!

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