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Inspired by Jessica's background in costume design, she has a strong passion for theatrical set designs and character development. 


The Illustrated Stories carry elements of set design and character exploration which Jessica finds exciting.  With these, you can choose the story you would like to see illustrated! This is your chance to get creative and choose which milestones and pieces of detail you would like to see in your illustrated story. 

Jessica will provide you with questions to help you think of the information she will need to create one for you. Usually, but not always, these consist of a story between two people. Lovers, best friends. 

However there is nothing like your own personal story!

It works best to start from where you met, your favourite things to do together and then the small details such as your hobbies and individual passions to scatter through the drawing, bringing the whole illustration together. 

Once you are happy with your first sketch the paint will be applied and your story will be brought to life through illustration. 


Screenshot (12).png
cordelia edit.jpg

 Illustrated Story given as a Christmas gift 

Cordelia commissioned Jessica to illustrate the story of her and her husband for the perfect gift to open on Christmas day! 

Cordelia provided Jessica with all the details she wanted to include and thought would be most important to her and her husband.


From left to right - Their story started in Yorkshire when Richard used to live opposite Jervaulx Abbey. Every year for her birthday Richard would take Cordelia to Paris, their favourite spot being Saint Germain. 

Whilst on a trip to the Isle of Skye in Scotland, Richard proposed on one of the beautiful beaches with a limpet shell as the ring was still being made! Their first house together was called 'The Keep', they love horse riding and climbed the Old Man of Storr on the Isle of Skye. Lastly, after their small marriage ceremony they celebrated at The Calvary and Guards club in London. 

Cordelia - "I absolutely love it!! Gorgeous colours. You are so talented."


 Illustrated Story given as a wedding gift from friends

A good friend of Becca and Andrew commissioned this Illustrated Story for them as surprise wedding gift! 

Becca and Andrew met at Glasgow University and as it was a wedding gift we thought this would be something they would love to remember! The iconic Glaswegian statue was a great way to represent the start of their story. 

Golf is their favourite hobby to do together and their new house is very important to them with a beautiful big tree at the front. 

They love to travel and have many fond memoires of their trips including their time spent in Iceland!

They enjoy going out for lobster and last but not least he proposed to becca whilst scuba diving! We had to make this the main event in the illustration! 

"Oh wowee!! Looks amazing! It is perfect Jess."


30th Birthday present for Jennifer's husband

Jennifer got in touch as she loved Jessica's style and idea of Illustrated Stories from finding her on Instagram via her friends recommendation!

Firstly, this beautiful couple love their dogs - we placed them in the foreground! 

Jennifer and Hugo spend a lot of time in Switzerland as half their family live there so Jennifer asked if the famous Swiss mountain Matterhorn could be included!

They love their home in London  to the left of the illustration but also spend a lot of time at Hugo's family home which means a lot to them especially the beautiful gardens with the gazebo.

The backdrop represents their first home on the north Norfolk coast  with its distinct coast line due to its sand dunes which is a special place to them.

The main focus is of course the stunning cathedral where they were married and the grapevines twisting up the side to remember their honeymoon spent in Tuscany visiting the vineyards.


Jennifer: "Ahhhhh Jess! This is amazing! Thank you so so much! There’s absolute no edits I wish to make!! Very excited to give it to Hugo!!"


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