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The Hidden Island

Currently working on a personal costume project inspired by a trip to the Isle of Skye in the north of Scotland. 

Project is based on the history of St Kilda, a small island 64 kilometres west-northwest of North Uist, in the North Atlantic Ocean.

Once learning of its existence, in the musuem inside of Dunvegan Castle, its unique story sparked my imagination. 

I started to draw and create a land inspired by this lonely island. The story and the characters will be my own. 

the hidden island girls and boys2.jpg
paint edit.jpg
woman and child edit.jpg
the rock edit.jpg
man with his catch.jpg
bird people edit.jpg
the hidden island girls and boys.jpg
girl in feathers brighter jpeg.jpg
the waves edit.jpg

Girl from the island

girl from the island much brighter.jpg
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