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Illustrated Stories

Provide Jessica with the key milestones and little touches and watch your story come to life through an illustration..

IS BEN edit more.jpg

Illustrated story given as a Christmas gift for Ben's sister and brother-in-law. His sister was newly pregnant and they had just got engaged. 

Ben provided me with the details he wanted to include and thought would be most important to them. From left to right - Their story started in the Scottish Highlands, where they met on a camping trip. They then got engaged in Venice when he proposed to her on an iconic Venetian bridge. Later that year the couple had their wedding back in the UK with some alpacas as special guests! 

The little details such as the scuba diving they did on their honeymoon can also be found in the water under the bridge as well as his obsession with spreadsheets that are flying out of the back of the bicycle illustrating their shared passion for cycling. 

This piece creates their story and when it was given to them they were brought to tears with emotion. 

Size A3 - £150

The wedding scan edit.jpg

The love story of Rebecca and Charles. Rebecca gave this illustration to Charles for his birthday.


Their love story started in the French Alps, then took place in London and now they live in Paris. He owns a vintage car and she loves wearing her french beret. 


On weekends they drive to the french countryside and pick apples to make apple tarts. During their time spent apart at the beginning of their relationship, they wrote a lot of letters to each other which the little french frog (a nickname) is keeping safe! 

There were many places she felt important to include so each of them are written on the tall sign post. 

Rebecca wanted a chic and simplistic atmosphere to her illustration so there are only hints of colour like on her bright red lips. 

Size A2 - £200

wedding invite.jpg

During the making of Rebecca's piece, Charles asked her to marry him! This illustration meant so much to them that they used it as their wedding invitations. 

Who are you, what is your story?


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