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I would like to treat this page as a sketchbook so my audience can be more involved.

I thought it could be interesting for you to know why I draw my illustrations, what sparks the idea and how I get to the final outcome. 

'Talking until the cow's come home over fish n chips like old times.'

The first one I would like to discuss is one of my closest friend and I.

It is titled 'Talking until the cows come home over fish n chips like old times'.

Lois is the girl on the left and the girl on the right is a self portrait of me.


We met in London at art college and lived together for three years.

Whenever things got too stressful with work we would go and get a 'fish n chips', usually around Notting Hill.

It wasn't anything unusual but these times have always stuck with me. We would talk about how we were nervous for the future, we didn't know where we would be after college but it was always exciting and we would get lost in our own little bubble. 

Once I had moved to Paris after my studies finished I really missed this. I try to go back to London as often as I can but it is not always easy. Luckily I was there this October and instead of going to a party, this is what Lois and I did. We had an evening together drinking wine like old times. 

A lot has changed since I left London, our style, our thoughts and plans and just like a photograph I want to remember what these are in that moment. 

Lois always wears a plait in her hair and long black flicks of eyeliner on her eyes. I wear hoop earrings, red lipstick and style my hair so its flicked and bouncy at the ends. One day this might change so I like to create the illustration with all the details I want to remember.

I want to keep this with me when I'm not in London so I sketched this on the Eurostar on my way back to Paris. Now it is on the wall next to my studio desk.

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