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Young Tarantine, Alexandre Schoenewerk (1820-1885) Musée d'Orsay


In these drawings it is the decision of what to add or take away which will contribute to an effective yet simple capture of movement.

Inspirations and Method..

Right: She offers up her curving body, while her head is tilted backward, continuing its extension of the body. The sculpture crying out to be continued. 

Ladies in red are a fascination of how to create space by certain movements of the body. 

Studied through form of the female body and particularly how it is recorded in art and fashion. 

Many are inspired by sculptures studied at the Parisian museums and libraries such as favourites; 'Musee d'Orsay' and the 'Centre George Pompidou library'.  The sculptures are often found to be incomplete in places but still create such a presence of movement. 


Maenad Dancing, Skopas. (Roman edition)  Eternal little Godess

Left: Her curves extend from the ground where her head rests. The weight is beautiful with the twists and turns of her limbs. No observation could be the same as the last. 

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