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Just before moving from Paris to Scotland, Jessica visited the Scottish highlands. Inspired by its wild beauty and history, she found herself immersed in making tartan bags and did a selection for Christmas gifts. 

This photograph was taken on the Isle of Skye at the fairy pools, a popular site to visit on the island. The water is turquoise and so clear you can see the rocks at the bottom as if it were glass. Some water falls through the rocks and some sits still in deep lagoon like pools. 

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Connecting her two worlds, France and Scotland, Jessica hand embroidered french names on the front of the bags and sent them to Paris.


Jessica has a range of tartans and tweeds that are made in Scotland. 

These custom made bags can be designed in your choice of Scottish fabric and your desired shape. 

Get creative with your personalised bag!

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Hand made in Edinburgh

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The finishing touch is your secret message which can be sewn on the inside!...

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